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We have a thousand and one flavours at our stores. You may be the one we’re missing! With over 670 stores in Eastern Canada, there’s certainly one close to you!

Service Centres
Do you want to work in a friendly place and have the chance to grow within a team? Find the right place for yourself in one of our many departments.
There is certainly a position waiting for you in Laval, Quebec City or Moncton.
Distribution Centre
Do you want to work as part of a team? Does the prospect of working in healthy work environment with cutting edge technology appeal to you? A place where you can have a 40-hour work-week spread over 4 days? The Distribution Centre in Laval is the ideal place to contribute to the success of our team.

Job opportunities at the Service Centres

By joining the Couche-Tard team, you contribute to the success of the leader in the convenience store industry. Our staff at the Service Centres in Laval, Quebec City and Moncton is mandated to offer our store network the necessary support to conduct its sales activities successfully. In order to do so, we constantly strive to develop a partnership with our stores which are based on trust and availability. With close to 9,000 employees in our network, over 300 work in the Service Centres, job opportunities abound. To learn more, feel free to look at the descriptions of all our departments below.

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Title Type Schedule Location
Accounting Analyst Service Centre (administrative positions) Comptabilité Laval, (Québec), Canada
Business Analyst RPA Service Centre (administrative positions) Finance Laval, (Quebec) Canada
Car Wash Maintenance Technician Service Centre (administrative positions) Entretien Laval, (Quebec), Canada
Conseiller ressources humaines Service Centre (administrative positions) Ressources humaines Laval, (Quebec) Canada
Contrôleur principal des opérations – Planification & analyse financières Service Centre (administrative positions) Corporatif Laval, (Québec), Canada
Coordonnateur(trice) aux opérations - Québec Service Centre (administrative positions) Opérations Québec (Québec). Canada
Coordonnateur(trice) aux opérations - Montréal Service Centre (administrative positions) Opérations Montréal (Québec), Canada
Coordonnateur(trice) aux opérations (Relève) - Québec Service Centre (administrative positions) Opérations Québec (Québec). Canada
Customer service agent (claims) Service Centre (administrative positions) accounting Laval (Quebec), Canada
Développeur Intelligence d’affaires Service Centre (administrative positions) Technologie de l'information Laval, (Quebec) Canada
Director of Talent Management Service Centre (administrative positions) Ressources humaines Laval, Minneapolis, Columbus or Charlotte
Fuel Accouting Analyst Service Centre (administrative positions) comptabilité Laval, (Quebec), Canada
Junior Category Manager Service Centre (administrative positions) Marketing Québec (Québec), Canada
Market Manager Service Centre (administrative positions) Opérations Laval, (Québec), Canada
Merchandising Assistant Service Centre (administrative positions) Commercialisation Laval, (Québec), Canada
Payroll Technician Service Centre (administrative positions) Paie Laval, (Québec), Canada
Payroll technician Service Centre (administrative positions) Paie Laval (Quebec), Canada
Preventionist, health and safety at work Service Centre (administrative positions) Ressources humaines Laval, (Québec), Canada
Real Estate Manager Service Centre (administrative positions) Real Estate Toronto, (Ontario), Canada
Real Estate Support Technician Service Centre (administrative positions) Immobilier Laval, (Quebec), Canada
Reconciliation Analyst Service Centre (administrative positions) Comptabilité Laval, (Québec), Canada
Recruitment Technician - Quebec Service Centre (administrative positions) Ressources humaines Québec, (Québec) Canada
RPA developer Service Centre (administrative positions) Technologie de l'information Laval, (Quebec) Canada
System Financial Analyst Service Centre (administrative positions) Finance Laval, (Quebec) Canada
Technician Call Center IT Service Centre (administrative positions) Informatique Laval, (Quebec), Canada
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Always on the lookout for new opportunities, the merchandizing team is our link with product suppliers. We negotiate purchasing conditions that enable us to maximize our sales, our margins and our revenues. We choose the products that will delight our customers and meet their needs at the same time. We aim to develop the best tools and marketing practices to promote sales growth and store profit. Basically, we aim to provide our customers with the right products, at the right time, at the right place and at the right price, with the added benefit of offering innovative and exclusive products that puts us ahead of the competition.

Our department is looking for candidates to participate in creating and implementing business strategies, as well as developing methods and means to promote the simple and effective market release of our products at retail outlets, with the goal of adequately meeting our customer needs.

The Accounting Department manages all of Couche-Tard’s financial operations within an environment that promotes healthy collaboration with our various operators. We prepare the financial statements for the stores, record transactions and handle accounts payable and receivables. We enforce the laws, the regulations and standards of the company, which govern administrative and financial controls.

Our department is looking for candidates with a logical and analytical profile, demonstrating rigour and accuracy in their work. They must hold a vocational diploma or bachelor’s degree in a related field of study. 

The Training team is constantly on the lookout for means to grow the intellectual capital of our employees. As such, with the training we create and provide to our employees we strive to take them out of their comfort zone and to explore new venues that can lead to favorable results. We promote close collaboration with stakeholders and strive to offer training of the highest quality. Our department is looking for candidates who are organized with good judgment. You must have a valid driver’s licence and be comfortable working on the road.

The main function of the Customer Relations Department is to support and equip the teams working in our stores and at the Service Centres. Our goal is to optimize the influence of each employee on our customers. Constantly on the lookout for new ideas, we are a resource for reaching the highest standards in customer service. We are looking for motivated and determined candidates who are intensely focused on customer service in all aspects of life.

The Real Estate, Maintenance and Leases team watches over the effective management of our properties. Aside from the construction and renovation of stores instead of and fuel facilities and the development of new sites, we provide technical support to stores for the maintenance and repair of equipment and buildings. Does the world of real estate pique your curiosity?

Our department is looking for candidates who can support management in assessing potential business opportunities, managing these opportunities and maintaining existing properties.

The IT Department ensures the management of IT infrastructure and communications. We ensure our network’s computer security. We support software and system development activities, computer system management and our databases. We contribute to training on our systems and offer a support service to optimize the systems’ use.

Our department is looking for individuals with problem-solving skills, communication skills and the ability to extract information. Are you passionate about computers? Do you have exceptional customer service skills? Are you a computer whiz, motivated and able to face challenges? Then join our team!

Always on the lookout for new trends based on new consumer research, the marketing team identifies market opportunities and to be able to target the right clientele. It also develops advertising campaigns that stand out for their originality and creativity. Our team creates and produces all in-store signage, establishes our brand’s specific promotions, launches new products, optimizes media partnerships, coordinates all our efforts with charitable organizations and, finally, manages all media relations. >
Our department is looking for vibrant and creative people. Join our team where the stakes are high but exciting, in a retail sales sector that is in full expansion.

It is the Fuel Operations team’s mission to to optimize fuel revenues, ensure we respect our partner’s standards, and provide orderly and effective management, all while creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Our department is looking for individuals with strong communication abilities in both French and English, good analytical skills, initiative and a positive attitude. We have just the job for you.

The role of the Human Resources Department is to support managers and employees in their daily tasks right from the time they are hired. Whether in regards to job benefits, occupational health and safety or employee relations, HR representatives are just a phone call away from all our employees in need of guidance! We are also responsible for Internal Communications. We work hard to respect our company’s values by sending all employees clear and relevant information to facilitate the daily duties of our employees and managers.

Our Human Resources Department is looking for candidates with a solid sense of humour and remarkable customer service skills. Joining Human Resources is joining a vibrant team that isn’t afraid to take on challenges. Are you passionate about HR field? Keep in mind that a passionate team awaits you!

The Security and Loss Prevention team uses industry best practices to ensure the security of our employees and our goods. We get directly involved in incidents or accidents that occur in our stores (e.g., robberies, fraud, damages, etc.). Through our Monitoring Central, we perform random virtual surveillance visits to safeguard the security of our employees and our goods.

Our department is looking for analytical individuals who can work independently and who demonstrate sound judgment. We offer all corporate benefits entitled, consistent schedules and equipment at the cutting edge of technology. We also looking looking for candidates with a passion for the field, wishing to take on new challenges and work in our Monitoring Central. You must have a valid security agent licence and relevant experience in a related environment.

Payroll management is an important aspect of employee administration throughout our vast network. The Payroll Department produces a payroll for close to 10,000 store and office employees each week. The department’s employees are required to work with administrative rules, which are constantly evolving: periodic changes to base rates and contribution rates, statutory amendments as well as internal process changes.

We are looking for individuals seeking new challenges. Our team plays with centralized payroll, the implementation of a new system and much more. Seize this opportunity just waiting for you!