Joanne testifies


Joanne, Store Manager

How long have you been working for Circle K ?

I am in my 19th year !

What do you like the most about working for Circle K ?

I really enjoy working and developing employees and see them do well whether it be with us moving up in the company or seeing them move on and look back on their experience with us as a good one !

Why would you recommend Circle K to someone looking for a job ?

I have worked with some fantastic people over the years !  If you are customer oriented and want to move up this is the company to be with.  We have grat benefits pensions and stock shares (wow) Job security !

Why did you choose to work for Circle K over another company ?

Back in 1996, I received a call from an old coworker who wanted me to come and work for Irving.  I had just transfered to Fredericton and thougth this would be a great way to involved and meet people in my community ! I am very loyal and why switch to another company when your happy with this one.