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We have a thousand and one flavours at our stores. You may be the one we’re missing! With over 670 stores in Eastern Canada, there’s certainly one close to you!

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Do you want to work in a friendly place and have the chance to grow within a team? Find the right place for yourself in one of our many departments.
There is certainly a position waiting for you in Laval, Quebec City or Moncton.
Distribution Centre
Do you want to work as part of a team? Does the prospect of working in healthy work environment with cutting edge technology appeal to you? A place where you can have a 40-hour work-week spread over 4 days? The Distribution Centre in Laval is the ideal place to contribute to the success of our team.

Job opportunities at the Distribution Centre


Every day, over 70 warehouse associates, both permanent and student, make sure that all of our stores in Quebec have the stock they need from the Distribution Centre. Over 2,600 products are readily available to be delivered.

We strive each day to make the warehouse’s work environment safe and friendly. The warehouse is well maintained and uses modern equipment to process orders from all our retail outlets.

Warehouse clerk (picker)

Job type Distribution Center Numero 17-89
Schedule Centre de distribution
Place Laval, (Quebec) Canada
Associated stores
5540 Ernest-Cormier Laval